To Cora and 3 Peaks with Love

For myself and the entire coaching staff of STCF, we stress that we want the hour we have with our members (family) to be one of the best hours of their day. Come, hang out, laugh and get a good workout in. We look to not only make people fitter, but more so to make people happy. To have a place where they can feel free to be themselves, sans judgement.

But on Tuesday, I had to take the atmosphere and change it for the day. It was going to be exceptionally hard, it was something I not only wanted to do, I had to.

When we saw the post about a young girl named Cora from 3 Peaks CrossFit who lost her battle with mental illness last month, we knew we had to address the issue with our members and also to honor her by doing the tribute workout that was written for her.

As a staff, we are fully versed and supportive of the mental health community. We strive to let people know that no matter what, we can offer an ear to listen, a hand to hold or the ability to find help for any issue they may be having, big or small.

I made it a point to take a big chunk of time at the beginning of class, sharing the story of Cora. After reading the blog from her coach, I felt the need to speak directly to the members I am so lucky to see and interact with each day. Some classes I cried, some I stuttered, but they all got to hear the story.

CrossFit may look like a lot of barbells and shirtless athletes, but what people who are on the outside looking in don’t realize is it’s a family. When we aren’t at the gym, we are at a kids t-ball game, we are doing community events, or helping each other move. We are involved. We are connected. And we are family.

The pain that Cora’s family, friends, teachers and coaches are feeling is not doubt excruciating.  But, thanks to 3 Peaks sharing her story, we were able to once again reach out to our members, let them know they are loved and that we are always here for them.

As a cashout, we had all our athletes grab their phone and take a picture of the whiteboard above. That way we knew they had a story and the resources if they ever needed. It made me sleep a little better that night. Knowing that in their pocket, they had multiple options of help if needed.

We are sending all our love to Cora’s family and 3 Peaks CrossFit.