Workout Of the Day

The Workout of the Day, or WOD, is the foundation of CrossFit training. The workout below is for SteamTown CrossFit members. If you are not a member, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a free introductory class before attempting any CrossFit workout. This allows us to tailor or scale the workout to your abilities.

Monday 4/1

For Time:
Row 2k
100 Wall Ball 20/14
20 Muscle Up
Row 2k

Tuesday 4/2

Work to Heavy:
2 Snatch Grip DL + High Hang Squat Snatch+ 1 OHS

Then 20 Min Emom
Odd Min- 1 Complex at 80%
Even Min - Max Burpee Over Bar

Wednesday 4/3

For Time:
800m Run
40 Alt DB Snatch (lr=2)
600m Run
30 Alt DB Snatch
400m Run
20 Alt DB Snatch

Thursday 4/4

6x4 Front Squat w/ 3 second pause
3x5 Min Amraps w/ 1 min rest in between
9- Box Overs 24/20
6-Strict HSPU
3-Squat Cleans 225/155)

Friday 4/5

8 Rounds:
13 Deadlift 185/125
17 Wall Ball
400m Row